Italian producer based in the east of Milan, born in '92.

He approached to music with his first electric guitar at the age of eleven, after 6 years of rehersals and concerts with few bands, he decided to produce music by it's own.

The first machines let way to a better and expressive Ableton, where he finally found his way to compose.
Due to his unique approach to producing, he passed several years to find the right way to mix acoustic sounds from where he came from in those hard banging electronic tunes that he felt in love.
His productions are a high concentrate of classical & ethnical instruments, vocalists recorded live, hybrid synthesizers and a caratheristic way to utilize 303 basslines, filled with massive bassdrums.
At the courrent age of 25, he's finally seeing the results of that hard work, but he keeps finding new ways to improve and consolidate methods and ideas to keep his music original and personal.

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