aka 909Resistance


Working under the name of Drone for a decade, getting involved in a few duos -Mobile Factory with Acidupdub, les Petits Princes with Asphalte Pirate-, the artist has grown up, and evolved at the point to feel ready to hold a second consistant, mature head.

Since always fed by various influences, stronger and creative than ever, Drone’s process deserved to be enhanced.

As a need, actually.

Same heart, same brain but from now, two different faces.

909Resistance, as a Messiah, led by his faithful Queen of Hearts (TR-909) , announcing a new era in Drone’ss musical life, also introduces Arrakis, sub-label of Dune records, lauding the Acid under its more impetuous and creative forms.
909 Resistance embodies the realization of a sound musical exploration.
If the name rings a bell, it’s as an hommage...
Think you’ll hear something you already know? Not so sure, expect to be surprised. Once again, we advice you not to even try to stick a label on this developing character, that won’t work!

Just believe a new, sincere and creative entity is born.

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