Ceppo, K-nxt, Na-der and Mgl appear from time to time behind a console, fuddling with unidentified metal boxex and looking like some young guys playing video games. Realizing the possibility of coupling musical knowledge with years of technological experiments, carried on for fun and not, is exactly what paved the way for Bangbass Prodz.

The mission is about spreading sounds coming from the free party culture, "electronic music", incitement for hundreds of people, gathered on a dancefloor, who let their bodies, minds and emotions run free.

Specifically, their style is inspired from late 90s vinyl productions from FKY, Spud, Gotek, Baunz, etc.

The three members of Bangbass have very different musical backgrounds, from the skate punk scene to reggae/dub grooves and tones, through rap, funky and jazz...

They use a computer to control several analog synths; during their sets, they mix the different audio sources to create rythmics and atmospheres designed to let the listeners enjoy theirselves in a carefree state of mind.

Bangbass Prodz has been moving crowds in clubs and free parties from Italy to France,from Berlin to Amsterdam side by side with other artists that helped developing and sustaining a spontaneous culture, lacking any identification or rule.

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