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909 RESISTANCE aka Drone Epsylonn

(Dune Records, Lounge Squatt, Music From Exoplanet)

Dj/Producer founder and label manager at Dune Records including 4 labels : Dune, Arrakis, Echoes and Black Dune. After performing hardware liveset on europeen acid scene until 2016 under his pseudonym Drone Epsylonn, he created 909 Resistance a techno profile leaded by his very first debut influences (Planetary Assaut System, Jeff Mills, Reeko… ), launched a new label named Echoes DTE (Lars Huismann, Casual Treatment, Guise..) and integrated We Are Rave agency. His producing signature is a techno both mental, hypnotic and dynamic, all orchestrated by solid rhythms and purring basslines with slight acid touches that you can recognize among a thousand. As a DJ performer he doesn’t have any styles limit, you’ll can hear him on his different podcast experimenting Broken Techno, Noise, Deep techno, Break beat, House, Minimal Techno, Raw or Driving Techno, on stage he’s famous to deliver powerfull and hypnotic DJ performance, raw, pure and uncontrolable techno drive giving to the crowds a solid experience of what is an unexpected travel. He’s played by famous DJs as Helena Hauff, Berlin Bradley, David Asko, Jacidorex to name a few.

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